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BPI Services is European distribitor of Grabba Technologies. Grabba is world leader in providing mobile identification solutions to (governmental) organisations. With the Machine Readable Zone (MRZ) in combination with an RFID reader Grabba makes it possible to read and authenticate (ICAO) International identity documents. The data out of the MRZ and chip of the identity document can be used for identification, verification or registration processes. For this reason several organisations worldwide use Grabba to support mobile identification, border control or mobile check-in. It is posible to provide 8 different data capture technologies in one single Grabba. From scanning barcodes to the reading of smart cards and ID documents.

Barcode readers

Barcode readersWhether you need 1D barcode reading (EAN8, EAN13, Code128, Code39, ...) or you need 2D barcode reading (QR, PDF417, GS1 Datamatrix, ...), Grabba barcode readers for smartphones are your solution.
  • CCD (1D)
  • Advanced Linear (1D)
  • Area Imager (1D&2D)
  • Area Imager (1D&2D) w/ License Decryption

MRZ (Machine Readable Zone) ICAO reader

The Grabba MRZ (Machine Readable Zone) reader will read the MRZ information from Passports, Visas and Identity cards, for applications such as scanning passports in check-in and boarding processes, identity and travel documents in law enforcement and security access controls, etc.

RFID read and write

You can get mobile solutions for different needs with different Grabba mobile RFID readers (LF, HF, UHF), such as animal tagging, membership applications, asset tracking, logistics, healthcare, pharmaceutical, transport ticketing, event ticketing, or any other environment where RFID technology together with mobile technology become essential partners.
  • HID iCLASS-SE (dual frequency 125kHz/13.56MHz)
  • Low Frequency (125kHz read only)
  • Low Frequency (125/134.2kHz)
  • Long Range Low Frequency (125/134.2kHz)
  • Mifare (13.56MHz) & I-Code
  • Ultra High Frequency (860-960 MHz)

Contact Smartcard reader

Contact Smartcard readerGrabba Contact Smartcard readers are used to read identification cards (for example the Belgium E-ID Card), transport cards, security cards, membership cards and stored payment cards. Common users are law enforcement, government departments, public infrastructure and payment verifiers.

Magnetic Stripe Card reader

Magnetic Stripe Card readerThe advanced reading head incorporated in the Grabba Magnetic Stripe Card Reader will read 1, 2 or 3 track cards even if they are old or badly damaged, being extremely fast and reliable with a life expectancy of 1,000,000 passes. It is common to see Grabba card readers used in retail, mobile sales forces, taking payments, membership systems, time and attendance and loyalty cards.

Fingerprint reader

Fingerprint readerThe Grabba fingerprint reader provides high quality fingerprint images for either local or remote verification. In the base model you can store 500 users (1000 templates) locally for immediate verification. The WSQ version is best suited for remote verification tasks in financial environments and criminal justice. The Grabba Fingerprint Reader offers a flexible, robust, cost-effective solution for the fast and secure processing of high quality fingerprint images.

Signature capture

Signature captureGrabba Signature Capture Devices allow consumer devices with either no touch screen or a capacitive touch screen to be used with enterprise signature capture applications. The Grabba signature capture panel uses a resistive style digitiser to allow input of a signature or other hand writing with a stylus.

Popular supported devices:

Popular supported devices

Software Developers Program

Software Developers ProgramGrabba International offers developers of mobile data capture applications an opportunity to become members of the Grabba Software Developers Program. Grabba recognises the value of software developers and is focussed on helping and supporting Software developers.

Many developers have significantly increased their sales as a direct result of porting their products to work with Grabba devices. With Grabba you can expand your software offering to include the widest range of data capture technologies in the market today. Start developing with Grabba now and not be restricted in the future when you need extra technologies for your customers.

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