Patient registration in the hospital

A manual registration of a patient personal data photos at the desk in the hospital is an error-prone and time-consuming process. BPI offers an integrated solution, called CI ID Manager, for patient registration, printing of patient badges and signing up for appointments in the care. Ten large healthcare institutions make use of this solution.

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CI ID Scanning shall ensure an efficient and flawless registration process and caputures the data from international ID cards and driving licences automatically. This method saves the desk staff time and avoids mistakes. The solution makes the new data directly available through HL7 interfaces with the hospital information system.

Patient badge or appointment card
After the patient is registered, the desk officer can easily print a patient badge including a quality passphoto for identification. This patient badge serves as ID and contains a barcode and/or RFID chip. This card is used as a key for self sign up for an appointment, unlocking information on a kiosk and other facilities within the care institution.

Sign up
BPI also delivers an effective self-service solution to optimise the outpatient clinic logistics. This solution makes a strong contribution to reducing the queues and improving patient satisfaction. In addition, the deployment of the self-service solution delivers a substantial time saving for your desk staff.

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