Innovative solutions for a safe society.



ID Scan

Reliable and flexible platform to verify and process identity documents.

ID Scan Kiosk

Receive your visitors hospitable and safe with innovative self service solutions.

ID Flow

Automated processes to grant smartcards and monitor access rights.

ID Scan Mobile

Professional software to verify identity documents with standard smartphones.


State of the art remote identification solution based on identity documents or fingerprints.

Smart Sensoring

Smart Touch

Privacy friendly and intelligent monitoring of objects and human behavior.

Self-evaluation and risk assessment

Reliable and user-friendly software for risk assessment by employees and clients in the (forensic) healthcare.

Latest News


Pluryn is opening ten new top-care health care apartments.

At the Kemnade location in Groesbeek, new health care apartments have been officially and festively opened for Topcare clients. The care apartments are equipped with a living room, bedroom, bathroom, entrance and a garden. The care apartments are especially designed for clients who require 1-on-1 support during the day for various reasons, so escalations is […]