Innovative solutions for a safe society.



ID Scan

Reliable and flexible platform to verify and process identity documents.

ID Scan Kiosk

Receive your visitors hospitable and safe with innovative self service solutions.

ID Flow

Automated processes to grant smartcards and monitor access rights.

ID Scan Mobile

Professional software to verify identity documents with standard smartphones.


State of the art remote identification solution based on identity documents or fingerprints.

Smart Sensoring

Smart Touch

Privacy friendly and intelligent monitoring of objects and human behavior.

Self-evaluation and risk assessment

Reliable and user-friendly software for risk assessment by employees and clients in the (forensic) healthcare.

Latest News

baggage handling

Object Monitor – Baggage handling at check-in

For an automated, safer and more efficient handling of your baggage flows using cameras combined with intelligent software. The Object Monitor, developed by BPI Services B.V., aims to reduce risks and downtime when handling baggage flows. For this, BPI Services B.V. makes use of proven 3D camera techniques combined with intelligent video software and overview […]


BPI Services introduces the new iMatch FAP50

Introducing the all-new iMatch FAP50 for enrollment, specially developed for four-finger mobile enrollment and verification processes. In addition to the FAP50 fingerprint scanner, the iMatch is equipped with a display for optimal support for the user. This makes the iMatch FAP50 the perfect mobile identification device for ID documents and fits seamlessly with EES requirements […]


The new Entry & Exit System (EES)

To increase security in Europe, the EU will use a new Entry and Exit System called EES at the external borders of the Schengen area. The Schengen area is a collaboration of 26 European member states that have a common border and visa policy. Entry & Exit System (EES) EES is an automated IT system […]