Innovative solutions for a safe society.



ID Scan

Reliable and flexible platform to verify and process identity documents.

ID Scan Kiosk

Receive your visitors hospitable and safe with innovative self service solutions.

ID Flow

Automated processes to grant smartcards and monitor access rights.

ID Scan Mobile

Professional software to verify identity documents with standard smartphones.


State of the art remote identification solution based on identity documents or fingerprints.

Smart Sensoring

Smart Touch

Privacy friendly and intelligent monitoring of objects and human behavior.

Self-evaluation and risk assessment

Reliable and user-friendly software for risk assessment by employees and clients in the (forensic) healthcare.

Latest News


GridLer introduces the new iMatch FAP45

The iMatch FAP45 integrates the FAP45 WSQ Fingerprint scanner from Integrated Biometrics. With this combination GridLer makes it possible to enroll or verify 2 fingers at the same time based on a slim and lightweight mobile device. Besides that, the iMatch FAP 45 is the only solutions which connects with a secure Bluetooth Low energy […]


GridLer iMatch launched her new website.

Our partner, GridLer, launched her new website for the iMatch. We are happy to announce that the interest in the iMatch is growing rapidly. A lot of new projects with specifications for the Entry Exit System are launched in Europe. In order to support mobile professionals in the best way, Gridler has introduced the iMatch […]