Innovative solutions
for a safer society.


ID Scan

Reliable and flexible platform to verify and process identity documents.

ID Scan Kiosk

Receive your visitors hospitable and safe with innovative self service solutions.

ID Flow

Automated processes to grant smartcards and monitor access rights.

ID Scan Mobile

Professional software to verify identity documents with standard smartphones.


State of the art remote identification solution based on identity documents or fingerprints.

Smart Sensoring

Smart Touch

Molest-resistant Smart Touch Media Wall that restores a client's autonomy in a moment of serious disruption.

Self-evaluation and risk assessment

Reliable and user-friendly software for risk assessment by employees and clients in the (forensic) healthcare.

Latest News


Longer battery life span with the iMatch solution

With the iMatch a flat battery is no longer a problem. One of the challenge of mobile verification solutions is the duration time of the battery. A rapidly draining battery brings a lot of frustration. This problem was often raised during customer meetings. Therefore, a lot of attention went to fixing this problem during the […]

baggage handling

Object Monitor – Baggage handling at check-in

For an automated, safer and more efficient handling of your baggage flows using cameras combined with intelligent software. The Object Monitor, developed by BPI Services B.V., aims to reduce risks and downtime when handling baggage flows. For this, BPI Services B.V. makes use of proven 3D camera techniques combined with intelligent video software and overview […]