Amsterdam UMC is going to use BPI’s Smart Touch solution in its new Extra Secured Room


Amsterdam UMC has the reduction of Dwang & Drang high on the agenda. As a result,  Amsterdam UMC is currently working on the construction of a High Intensive Care (HIC) unit. Part of the HIC is an Extra Secure Room (ECA). This EBK is carried out with the Smart Touch solution from BPI.


This EBK space is used in extreme cases to protect the client and their environment. The objective is to make seclusion, which is very traumatic for the client, as short as possible and as humane as possible.

The reason why Amsterdam UMC has opted for the Smart Touch solution is that research has shown that giving back its own direction promotes recovery.

Sending impulses (upscaling / downscaling) to a level of a normal department also has a positive effect on reconnecting faster with the client and to continue treatment outside the seclusion rooms. In addition, it is important to inform the client as well as possible. For example, a day program, regulations or personal messages or an image / speech facility to come into contact with healthcare. Finally, providing distraction in a crisis situation is sometimes very nice for the client. The Smart Touch solution offers support to the client and healthcare staff and helps to achieve this objective.

The Smart Touch solution is a proven solution that 45 organizations are successfully using. The solution is water, dust, and molest resistant.

Of course, the solution also meets the requirements of the 2013 Inclusion Field Standard.

If you want to know more about the Smart Touch solution, please contact us by: or +31 (0) 182-346-088