BPI develops software to check international identity documents

Afbeelding ID scan v2

BPI specializes in verifying international identity documents and delivers the innovative ID scan solutions in thirteen countries. The ID Scan platform offers a solution for every situation and supports a counter, a registration pillar, a handheld, and smartphone solution or a combination thereof. More than 54,000 police officers and border control professionals in Europe now use the ID scan software in addition to ministries and various large corporate organizations. In line with this, the various solutions have been extensively tested and approved in the field of security and privacy.

Since 2015, BPI has been supplying software that uses standard smartphone technology.

The ID scan app uses the camera of the smartphone to read and verify the Machine Readable Zone (MRZ) of an international identity document. In two seconds the app already has the first data from the MRZ such as:

– Document type

– Nationality

– First Name

– Infixes

– Last name

– Document number

– Citizen Services Number (BSN)

– Gender


In addition, the international identity document can be held against the back of the smartphone. The ID scan software activates the Near Field Communication (NFC) reader of the smartphone to read the chip of the international identity document. In this way, the error-free data can be read from the chip, including a color photo, which meets the Municipal Basic Administration (GBA) standards. Various authenticity and validity checks can also be carried out on the international identity document. Previously this was only possible on the Android platform, but from September 2019 Apple will also open the NFC functionalities with IOS13.


Within a few seconds you have the following benefits:

– You know whether the international identity document is genuine or false;

– You know whether the international identity document is valid or has expired;

– Saving time and preventing manual input errors;

– Contribute to meeting the requirements set by the AVG;

– You can indicate which data you wish to read or not;

– A color passport photo is read;

– A copy can be made of the document;

– Data can be blinded on the copy and a watermark can be added;

– Retention period of data can be set.

Multiple scan profiles can be created in the ID Scan hub (management tool). Each scan profile can be configured as desired. In this way the identification and registration processes are optimized and the data quality is increased. The solution also makes an important contribution to comply with the General Data Protection Regulation (AVG) legislation. A favorable business case for integrating an ID scan solution is therefore quickly made.

BPI can develop an app as a whole or the ID scan functionalities through a Software Development Kit (SDK) to make it easier to integrate into existing applications.

Do you want to know what the ID scan solutions can mean for your organization?

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