BPI Services introduces the new iMatch FAP50

Introducing the all-new iMatch FAP50 for enrollment, specially developed for four-finger mobile enrollment and verification processes. In addition to the FAP50 fingerprint scanner, the iMatch is equipped with a display for optimal support for the user. This makes the iMatch FAP50 the perfect mobile identification device for ID documents and fits seamlessly with EES requirements or the needs for other enrollment use cases.


The iMatch FAP50 supports all Android and iOS devices and is equipped with Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE).


4-Fingerprint scanner

The integrated WSQ FAP50 4-Print Scanner is ideal for fingerprint registration and verification. The FBI Certified FAP50 4-Print Scanner of Integrated Biometrics provides accurate, high-resolution fingerprint scanning in almost any environment, including indirect or direct sunlight, dusty conditions, and with dry or dirty fingers. The iMatch FAP50 enables 1-, 2-, 4- and 10- finger enrollment and verification.

  • fap50-4-fingerprintscannerFBI Certification / Image Certifications Mobile ID IQS FAP50, PIV, GSA FIPS 201, FBI Appendix F;
  • Rapid dry finger capture;
  • No need to clean latent prints in high-volume situations;
  • Available output formats RAW, JPEG2000, BMP, PNG or WSQ;
  • Unaffected by extreme temperatures, direct sunlight or bright artificial lights;
  • Capture Types: Two-finger flat, single-finger flat, single-finger rolled.


ICAO documents

The highly optimized antenna effortlessly reads non-contact chips from ID documents in accordance with ISO 14443, MIFARE and DESFire RFID protocols.


The antenna can also perform electronic authentication checks even with iOS devices. It is also possible to read and process a passport photo in color.

The built-in contact smartcard reader supports a wide range of smartcards. This includes E-ID documents conform ISO 7810 and ISO 7816. These documents are used in countries such as Belgium, Czech Republic, Austria and Finland.

Would you like to learn more about the iMatch FAP50?

Please find more information on our website: https://imatch.gridler.com/
Or contact us: contact@bpiservices.eu or +31 (0) 182-346088