GGzE and BPI Services B.V. sign agreement for a long-term cooperation


Reeuwijk, 11 December 2018

The collaboration started at the end of 2015 when BPI Services B.V. won the tender for the development of the GGzE / De Woenselse Poort self-score platform (with co-financing from KFZ).

With the self-score app, clients can examine their strengths and weaknesses and follow their own treatment progress on these points. This app, which was initially developed for forensic psychiatric clients, was developed after an idea of ​​and in close collaboration with Paul Ter Horst (senior scientific researcher De Woenselse Poort). The app is inspired by the risk assessment instruments HKT-R and HCR-V3.

Thanks to the European Innovation Program CrossCare, work has been carried out over the past 2 years on the development of a broad platform in which various questionnaires for both client and practitioner can be completed. From self-score to complete risk assessment with integration in the Electronic Patient Record.

“The platform can be widely used in Forensic and Regular Mental Healthcare and can be used for various target groups. We are proud of this later together with partner BPI Services B.V. to be able to offer to the market ”, says Joep Verbugt, Chairman of the Board of GGzE.

“Through this agreement with partner GGzE, we as BPI Services B.V. see that we stand for innovation and delivering quality solutions that meet technical security requirements in the market ”, says Arjen Baan, Director of BPI Services B.V.

More information: Contact person BPI Services BV: Jasper Peterse – GGzE contact person: Freena Eijffinger –