ID Flow

ID Flow offers innovative support to your inflow
processes for visitors, employees and external parties.

The strength of ID Flow

Enterprise Onboarding & Access Management Solution

ID Flow is a workflow identity management solution and enables organizations to digitize their access processes. This creates a rapid exchange of information between contractors, suppliers, visitors and supervisors about the conditions for gaining access to a building or site. Through a digital file, all kinds of specific data about a person are stored in digital form and are available at times when applicable. Automating routine actions and offering self-service creates a more efficient process. ID Flow gives security departments more control.



ID Flow offers the following features

 Self-service module for requesting various access authorizations.
 Email notification module.
 Authorization process for delegating privileges and approving access authorizations.
 A dashboard with real-time information per target group (employees, contractors, visitors)
  Secure document management module for (VCA) certificates, statements etc.
 Interface module with standardized interface for connections with HRM or ERP applications.
 Central control of access control installations.
 Extensive management functionalities with graphical workflow module.

Optimal Flow

Hospitable Admission

With BPI's ID Flow platform, organizing hospitable access goes hand in hand with a high degree of efficiency. ID Flow is based on a self-service system that offers more control for the employee, contractor or visitor. Due to the user-friendly interface, the time required for (self) registration is minimal and language difficulties are prevented.

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ID Flow Kiosk

Gericht op self service

To enable a high degree of self-service, BPI has developed an ID Flow kiosk. This ID Flow Kiosk support the registration process for visitors,  drivers etc. Individuals can register independently at the kiosk for an appointment or a logistics assignment. The ID Flow kiosk application offers different profiles for drivers and visitors. Upon arrival, they can perform a simple registration using a user-friendly touchscreen.

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Kiosk features

The following modules and functionalities are available:
  • After registration, ID Flow automatically sends an SMS or email to the contact person;
  • Module for license plate recognition;
  • Module scanning functionality for tickets or smart card;
  • Identity document checking module;
  • With ID Flow, the security department can monitor the use of the ID Flow kiosks and track the status of the processes.


Frequently asked questions

1. How does BPI implement ID Flow?
ID Flow is based on current technology and is available as a Software As A Service (SAAS) or as an On Premise Software application.

2. Which systems can be linked in ID Flow?
ID Flow has an open application architecture and is designed to exchange data with other business applications.

BPI has already realized connections with You Force REAT/Visma, Profit AFAS, HR SDB, HR SAP, AEOS Nedap, Salto TCS, Traka key cabinets, OneIdentity IDM.


1. How does ID Flow ensure that the right qualified people gain access to the building or site?
ID Flow offers a secure document management module for submitting and assessing documents such as (VCA) certificates, statements and other supporting documents. ID Flow also offers an authorization process for delegating privileges and approving access authorizations through security.

2. How does pre-registration of visitors, contractors and suppliers work?
ID Flow works with digital profiles for easy registration of visitors, contractors and suppliers. After registration, the visitor will receive an e-mail containing a unique link with a route description, information about parking, public transport and information about the applicable safety rules.

3. How is the data displayed in ID Flow?
Real-time information is displayed per target group (employees, contractors, visitors, etc.) via modern dashboards and reports. The dashboards provide insight into the progress of the processes. ID Flow also has sorting options and search functions to optimally support the user.

1. Does ID Flow work according to current legislation and regulations?
The complete process of development, implementation and management of the ID Flow platform is certified in accordance with ISO 27001 and NEN7510. In this way, BPI guarantees the integrity, availability and confidentiality of your processes and information. Furthermore, ID Flow provides all necessary privacy protection measures to set up your processes in accordance with purpose limitation and GDPR.


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