ID Scan Kiosk

Welcoming visitors in a hospitable and safe manner with innovative self-service solutions.

Receive your visitors hospitable and safe

When it comes to receiving visitors, many organizations face the challenge of combining hospitality with safety. With the ID Scan Kiosk, hospitality and safety come together in an innovative and user-friendly reception. ID Scan Kiosk is a proven solution. Visitors can register themselves quickly and easily based on, for example, an (International) identity document. It is also possible to use a QR code, pin code or biometric characteristic.

The ID Scan Kiosk is of course seamlessly integrated with the ID Flow pre-registration functionality to invite visitors.

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Hospitable reception at GGzE

ID Scan Kiosk is part of a welcoming reception concept. Practice has shown that more than 90% of visitors can register themselves without any problems. More time is available for visitors who need extra support, which increases customer-friendliness.

Video ID Scan kiosk

Manually copying ID data is time-consuming and prone to errors. With ID Scan, an (international) travel or identity document is fully read within 8 seconds. The extent to which a document is checked for authenticity and validity is scalable from only reading personal and document data to fully checking specific security features. The database supports more than 3900 international documents.


ID Scan Kiosk is part of a welcoming reception concept. To optimally inform and support visitors and hospitality employees, BPI offers the following features:


The ID Scan Kiosk can be configured as desired. The following components are available for integration:

  • Scan appointment code (QR);
  • Scan proof of identity;
  • Check appointment information;
  • Visitor reporting present;
  • Notification host;
  • Visitor card or badge issue;
  • Visual voice connection;
  • Inform about house rules and walking routes;
  • Check person and ID document (face match);
  • Language selection.
  • Touchscreenmonitor;
  • ID documentscanner;
  • Barcodescanner;
  • Ticketprinter;
  • Labelprinter;
  • Smartcardprinter;
  • Carddispenser;
  • Camera (2D en 3D);
  • Fingerprint scanner;
  • Face recognition.

Authentication and face recognition

With the help of white, ultraviolet and infrared light, the identity document can be checked for template, micro-texts, patterns, (ink) colors, watermarks, imageperf and kinegrams. ID Scan Kiosk can optionally also support the holder verification process. In that case the digital passport photo from the chip of the identity document is compared with a real-live image. If the holder verification has been carried out successfully, the visitor is assigned access. With this option it is possible to give visitors access to unguarded locations in a secure manner.

ID scan kiosk


Experience shows that the ID Scan kiosk effectively contributes to the objective of our customers to receive hospitable, safe and efficient visitors. Below you will find a number of results that you can expect from our system:

  • Improving visitor satisfaction;
  • Improving satisfaction hospitality employees;
  • Improvement of host satisfaction;
  • Save time through advance registration and automatic registration data;
  • Higher data quality visitor registration (no clerical or typing errors);
  • Improving privacy and compliance (visitors cannot see a list who has been received);
  • Improving safety through adequate and complete attendance registration.

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