ID Scan App

BPI Services has developed the ID Scan app for organizations that find it a challenge to perform reliable identification remotely. The ID Scan app enables a reliable and innovative identification process.

Digital onboarding

Online verification

Identification upon inflow of personnel and the application for physical or digital means of acces, is often done by a face to face process. However, this process is difficult to implement if staff are trained remotely. Especially in the times of Covid19 this is increasingly becoming the norm.

BPI Services has developed the ID Scan app for organizations that find it a challenge to perfom reliable identification remotely. The ID Scan app enables a reliable and innovative identification process. The process meets the requirements of legislation (AVG / GDPR) and information security (ISO 27001).


Scanning document

The ID Scan app offers a reliable check of a (international) identity document. Within seconds the user is able to scan the ID-document easily and quickly via the smartphone camera.

Reading the chip

After the MRZ has been scanned, the chip (NFC) of the (international) ID-document is read. The ID Scan app performs an extensive digital authentication check and then processes the data from the data groups of the chip

Data security

Reliable and easy to use

BPI has more than 10 years of experience in providing identification and biometrics solutions. The ID Scan app has been developed in collaboration with existing customers for a variety of identity verification issues. Privacy and security by design have been applied as guiding principles during development. The app and the ID Scan platform have been extensively tested for user-friendliness, quality (IS0 9001) and information security risks (ISO 27001). The app is also available in different languages and it is possible to fully adapt the app to your corporate identity.


Self service

Flexibility and certainty

The ID Scan app is based on the principle of self-service. The user can, independently of time and place, verify his identity and share data with your organization. With the ID Scan app, the organization securely obtains the desired certainty regarding the identity of the user. In addition, with the ID Scan app, the user can grant permission for the use of the personal data in the identity document. This method ensures high data quality, eliminates the risk of incorrect manual processing and enables a reliable and effective identity verification process for your organization.


1.  Are all smartphone devices suitable for the ID Scan app?
The ID Scan app is available for smartphones with Android 7 (or higher) and Apple IOS 13.1 (or higher).

1. How does the user receive the QR code?
The QR code will be sent by email. This is generated via the management tool, this is the central system behind the ID Scan app.


1. How does the ID Scan app work?
The ID Scan app uses the smartphone's camera and NFC (near field communication) to check the details of the identity document. In addition, the app contains a face match function in which the photo of the identity document is compared with a live recording (selfie).

2. What happens to the user's personal data?
The ID Scan app sends the data to a secure server within your organization. The data is only used for requesting and managing access resources.

3. Will data remain on the user's smartphone?
No, no data will remain on the smartphone. The user can even delete the app from the smartphone after registration.

4. Can other identity documents, besides passports and identity cards, also be scanned?
Yes, in addition to passports and identity cards, visas, drivers licenses and residence permits can also be scanned.

5. Can certain data of an identity document be blocked?
Yes, the ID Scan app offers the option to add a watermark, blanking and retention period.

6. To gather additional data, is it possible to add configurable fields?
Yes, with the help of scan profiles and configurable fields you can determine which data can be added to have a complete registration. In this way, the ID Scan app can seamlessly connect to your process. Example: Registration of additional name data (eg preferences name use, titles of nobility and nickname).

7. Can the design of the ID Scan app be tailored to our own corporate identity?
Yes, the ID Scan app can be completely tailored to your corporate identity.

8. Is the ID Scan app available in multiple languages?
Yes, the ID Scan app is available in multiple languages.

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