ID Scan Mobile

Readout and verifying international identity documents with a smartphone is possible with the CII ID Scan - Mobile app from BPI. The coming years will be characterized by the further development and growth of digital mobility. At the start of 2015, there were more than 10 million smartphone owners in the Netherlands. Moreover, more than half of the Dutch are in possession of a tablet.

Latest technology

ID Scan Mobile integrates the latest technology for recording and verifying international travel and identity documents. The app uses standard smartphones with camera and NFC technology. ID Scan Mobile offers support to the (sub) processes: recording ID document, extraction data and characteristics, authentication characteristics, validation and processing.

The operation of the recording function is very intuitive and user-friendly. The user makes a recording of the identity document using an ICAO template.

Furthermore, ID Scan Mobile ensures that the user always makes the recording in "landscape mode". The application provides an "capture" button and an "auto capture" function. If the smartphone or tablet has NFC technology (Samsung Galaxy, Google Nexus), the user can easily read the RFID chip from the passport or identity card.

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Work step by step

The first two steps are intended for checking the MRZ code. This unique code gives the application access to reading the RIFD chip in the document. This chip contains encrypted data, such as a passport photo in color.

Readout the NFC chip

After verifying the MRZ code, the RFID chip is read by holding the document against the NFC chip of the smartphone.


ID Scan Mobile has various functionalities during the readout of the document. These functionalities are seamlessly integrated into the application. For example, ID Scan - Mobile has advanced image processing functions. In the development of these functions, BPI cooperates with experts who have a background with the Royal Military Police and the National Police. ID Scan Mobile converts the recording of the document into grayscale with the help of unique filter technology.

Furthermore, BPI can implement a control process for various characteristics. The visual image of the identity document can be checked for the template, expiry date and check numbers. In addition to this, it is possible to check for substrate printing, micro text, pattern, and color recognition. The Basic Access Control (BAC), Passive Authentication (PA), and Active Authentication (AA) application are also available.

ID Scan Mobile can optionally also support the holder verification process. In that case, the app processes the recording of identity documents and a biometric modality such as face or fingerprint. With a facial image, CI can directly perform a comparison between the "live image" and the passport photo from the chip of the passport.

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