ID Scan

ID Scan Server offers a reliable platform to verify identity documents and processing personal data in accordance with legal requirements.

Reliable identification starts with the ID Scan

More and more organizations are faced with identities of individuals, whether it is the influx of customers, suppliers, drivers, employees or other people who have something to do with your organization. In many cases registration in an information system is desirable. Checking identity documents and manually registering the personal data of (new) customers is a time-consuming and error-prone process.

BPI introduces reliable technology for checking and recording personal and document data with which better quality can be achieved in less time. The software also provides an adequate answer to the question whether an identity document is genuine and / or valid.

With ID Scan, BPI offers a platform with various solutions for document authentication and registration of personal data. BPI combines high-quality own development with technologies from internationally leading companies in the platform. The CI ™ platform consists of a counter module, a pillar module for (self / pre-) registration, mobile ID scanner, ID Scan app, online ID Scan service and the server module. In addition, we offer a large number of adapters for connecting peripheral equipment such as ID scanners, barcode scanners, signature pads, label printers and (smart card).

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Paspoort controle

Data quality

ID Scan offers a user-friendly interface that is optimized for the control process. For example, a larger font without writing and sufficient line spacing is taken into account. In addition, the operator can use correction support. This is a function where the scanned data can be compared with the original infrared images. ID Scan also provides a four-eye principle and GBA reference tables for processing scan data.


Second-line support and processing

ID Scan offers a complete process in which you as a customer can distinguish between front office and back office tasks. The front office tasks usually consist of scanning the document and registering the personal data. The back office functionality offers the user the possibility to check, complete and approve a request for further processing. This functionality can also be used to have a document expert give a final judgment when in doubt about the authenticity of the document.

Scan profiles and privacy protection

In the development of the ID Scan server, a strong commitment to purpose limitation and privacy has been taken into account. The software provides a watermark function with configurable text. In addition, it is possible to blank the citizen service number (in accordance with guidelines from the Dutch Data Protection Authority). Unique to this is that the ID Scan software can simultaneously support multiple scan profiles, each of which is set up based on specific purpose limitations. For each scan profile you determine which attributes must be read and processed, and which privacy measures apply. In this way you can configure a profile for each target group and situation that is in accordance with legal requirements.
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