Koraal Groep adapts isolation rooms and provides them with the Smart Touch solution.

Koraal Groep Oisterwijk foto 2

Koraal Groep is going to adjust the isolation rooms throughout the organization by implementing the Smart Touch solution from BPI Services B.V.

The board of the Koraal Groep has put the reduction of Dwang & Drang high on the agenda. A multidisciplinary plan has been drawn up to achieve this. This plan focusses on the substantive treatment side as well as the environment in which the clients find themselves.

The Hondsberg location in Oisterwijk was the first location where the isolation room will be adapted according to the new concept. After this completion, ten other seclusion rooms within the Koraal Groep will be converted to the new concept.

In the most extreme case, the seclusion rooms are used to protect the client and their environment. The objective is to use the seclusion rooms as short as possible and as humane as possible. Research has shown that giving the client the option to control their own direction encourages recovery.

Also directing impulses (upscaling/ downscaling) to a level that equals the environment of a normal division has a positive effect in order to get in touch with the client faster and to continue with the treatment outside of the seclusion room. To achieve this the Koraal Groep had decided to equip all seclusion rooms with the Smart Touch solution from BPI Services B.V. and hereby comply with the 2013 field standards for inclusions.

In addition, the Smart Touch solution also offers distractions and support through the following functionalities:


  • Music
  • Movies & Video
  • Images & Books
  • TV & Radio
  • Games
  • Drawing & Writing
  • Control domotics
  • Daily program
  • Video-Audio connection

Control domotics can be defined as regulating the different aspects in the environment. The following options for domotics are available: controlling lightning color, blinds, climate, scent, privacy glass and toilet flushing.