Longer battery life span with the iMatch solution

With the iMatch a flat battery is no longer a problem.
One of the challenge of mobile verification solutions is the duration time of the battery. A rapidly draining battery brings a lot of frustration. This problem was often raised during customer meetings. Therefore, a lot of attention went to fixing this problem during the development of the iMatch solution. GridLer has managed to solve this problem and has found a way to guarantee a battery life of no less than 12 hours.


How did we fixed this problem?

  • Every iMatch has a LiPo rechargeable battery of at least 1.900 mAh.
  • Every iMatch can be charged wirelessly with a a QI wireless charging module
  • iMatch provides a Powerbank of 5.000 mAH to charge the iMatch or smartphone when they put in the holster (optional accessories)
  • With every iMatch you get also USB- charging cable
  • With every iMatch you get also charging adaptor

Would you like to learn more about the iMatch or the accessories?

Please find more information on our website: https://imatch.gridler.com/
Or contact us : info@gridler.com or +31 (0) 182-346088