baggage handling

Object Monitor – Baggage handling at check-in

For an automated, safer and more efficient handling of your baggage flows using cameras combined with intelligent software. The Object Monitor, developed by BPI Services B.V., aims to reduce risks and downtime when handling baggage flows. For this, BPI Services B.V. makes use of proven 3D camera techniques combined with intelligent video software and overview […]


BPI Services introduces the new iMatch FAP50

Introducing the all-new iMatch FAP50 for enrollment, specially developed for four-finger mobile enrollment and verification processes. In addition to the FAP50 fingerprint scanner, the iMatch is equipped with a display for optimal support for the user. This makes the iMatch FAP50 the perfect mobile identification device for ID documents and fits seamlessly with EES requirements […]


The new Entry & Exit System (EES)

To increase security in Europe, the EU will use a new Entry and Exit System called EES at the external borders of the Schengen area. The Schengen area is a collaboration of 26 European member states that have a common border and visa policy. Entry & Exit System (EES) EES is an automated IT system […]


GridLer introduces the new iMatch FAP45

The iMatch FAP45 integrates the FAP45 WSQ Fingerprint scanner from Integrated Biometrics. With this combination GridLer makes it possible to enroll or verify 2 fingers at the same time based on a slim and lightweight mobile device. Besides that, the iMatch FAP 45 is the only solutions which connects with a secure Bluetooth Low energy […]


GridLer iMatch launched her new website.

Our partner, GridLer, launched her new website for the iMatch. We are happy to announce that the interest in the iMatch is growing rapidly. A lot of new projects with specifications for the Entry Exit System are launched in Europe. In order to support mobile professionals in the best way, Gridler has introduced the iMatch […]


Pluryn is opening ten new top-care health care apartments.

At the Kemnade location in Groesbeek, new health care apartments have been officially and festively opened for Topcare clients. The care apartments are equipped with a living room, bedroom, bathroom, entrance and a garden. The care apartments are especially designed for clients who require 1-on-1 support during the day for various reasons, so escalations is […]

Afbeelding ID scan v2

BPI develops software to check international identity documents

BPI specializes in verifying international identity documents and delivers the innovative ID scan solutions in thirteen countries. The ID Scan platform offers a solution for every situation and supports a counter, a registration pillar, a handheld, and smartphone solution or a combination thereof. More than 54,000 police officers and border control professionals in Europe now […]