Object Monitor – Baggage handling at check-in

For an automated, safer and more efficient handling of your baggage flows using cameras combined with intelligent software.
The Object Monitor, developed by BPI Services B.V., aims to reduce risks and downtime when handling baggage flows. For this, BPI Services B.V. makes use of proven 3D camera techniques combined with intelligent video software and overview cameras.

baggage handling

Baggage Handling System (BHS)

The Object Monitor can detect any problem in the automated Baggage Handling System (BHS).
The following incidents can be avoided by using the Object Monitor:

  • Passenger injuries when (accidentally) entering a baggage conveyor belt;
  • Unexpected objects being transported by the conveyor belt.

Incidents like this still happen frequently. This recent news article is about a child that got stuck on a conveyor belt at Minnesota airport, luckily it ended well but the child was noticed way too late.

An incident in the baggage flow can result in extra costs due to damage and cause a lot of extra work.

Increasing safety in baggage handling

3D identification: The length, width and height is measured for any object on the conveyor belt by an automated 3D camera system.
Surveillance: Anomalous objects including people are separated from the regular baggage flow by smart signal processing.
Safety: Early warning reduces the risk at the check-in desk before automatic baggage handling system takes over.
Performance: Less incidents remain that could cause the automatic baggage handling system to be temporarily turned off.

Object Monitor is suitable for use at airports and other logistics environments. In the video below you can find more information about the product and how it works.


References (Amsterdam Schiphol Airport)

Object Monitor is already successfully implemented at Amsterdam Schiphol Airport. Schiphol Airport cooperated in product development of Object Monitor and is the first user. The automated baggage handling system at Schiphol is running more smoothly since Object Monitor was introduced. Schiphol also says that the system is safer and more efficient.

Interested in Object Monitor?

BPI will supply a dedicated solution according to your specific situation and needs. Please contact us via contact@bpiservices.eu or +31(0)182 – 346 088.

For more information visit our website: https://objectmonitor.com/