Pluryn is opening ten new top-care health care apartments.


At the Kemnade location in Groesbeek, new health care apartments have been officially and festively opened for Topcare clients. The care apartments are equipped with a living room, bedroom, bathroom, entrance and a garden.

The care apartments are especially designed for clients who require 1-on-1 support during the day for various reasons, so escalations is lurking. In the most extreme cases, isolation is insurmountable to protect the client and their environment. The bedrooms therefore also meet the requirements set out in the field standard for inclusions. If seclusion is the last resort, the bedroom can serve as an seclusion area.

If isolations cannot be prevented, the objective us to make this as short as possible and as humane as possible, To achieve this, Pluryn uses the molest-resistant Smart Touch systems from BPI Services. This gives the client more control of their own environment that encourages their recovery. Impulses can be controlled per moment and per client to get back in touch with the client as soon as possible.

In addition, the smart Touch solution also offers distraction and support by offering the following functionalities:

  • Music
  • Movies & Video
  • Images & Books
  • TV & Radio
  • Games
  • Drawing & Writing
  • Control domotics
  • Daily program
  • Video-Audio connection

Pluryn is already successfully using the Smart Touch system at the Kemande and Jan Pieter Heije locations in Oosterbeek. Due to the proven added value in practice and the pleasant cooperation, Pluryn has chosen BPI Services to provide the care apartments with the Smart Touch systems.


BPI Services:
BPI is a Dutch company that provides smart solutions in health care for many years.

Our goal is to offer the best solution by using innovative technology to support clients and employees during treatments and care processes.

In addition to the Smart Touch solution, BPI supplies various apps, portals, camera applications and hospitable reception with registration pillars to organizations in mental health care, care for the disabled, hospitals, home care and forensic care.


For information please contact us:
Telephone: +31 (0) 182-346-088