Pro Persona is rolling out the Smart Touch solution from BPI services B.V. at several locations in the Netherlands.

Pro Persona

Pro Persona and BPI Services B.V. have signed a contract for the delivery of twenty Smart Touch systems for integration into the Comfort Rooms, the Intensive Care Units and the Extra secure Rooms at the various locations.

The board of directors of Pro Persona has made reducing Dwang & Drang high on the agenda. A multidisciplinary plan has been drawn up to achieve this. This plan focuses on the substantive treatment side as well as the environment in which the clients find themselves. Pro Persona is an organization with expertise in handling requests for assistance in the field of specialist mental health. Pro Persona offers specialist care to youngsters, adults and the elderly with mental problems.

Part of this plan is that when a client is a danger to himself or the environment and there is no other way to prevent solitary confinement, the patient is isolated as briefly and as humanely as possible. To achieve this, Pro Persona has started renovating the intensive care units at various locations and thus offering the best options to patients during a crisis situation.

The first location, Duet in Wolfheze, already has two Smart Touch solutions. Currently, the Pompestichting locations in Nijmegen, Braamberg in Arnhem, Langenberg in Nijmegen and the Phoenix location in Wolfheze are being renovated and equipped with the Smart Touch solution.

The Smart Touch solution is a proven solution that 45 organizations have successfully used. The solution is water, dust, and molest resistant.

Of course, the solution also meets the requirements of the 2013 Inclusion Field Standard.

If you want to know more about the Smart Touch solution, please contact us via: or +31 (0) 182-346-088