Object Monitor

For an automated, safer, and more efficient handling of your baggage flows
with the help of cameras combined with intelligent software.

Object Monitor

The Object Monitor developed by BPI aims to reduce risks and downtime when handling your baggage flows. For this, we make use of proven 3D camera techniques combined with intelligent video software and overview cameras.

The following incidents can be avoided by using the Object Monitor:

  • Passenger injuries when (accidentally) entering a baggage conveyor belt;
  • Unexpected objects being transported by the conveyor belt.

Incidents like this still happen frequently. This recent news article is about a child that got stuck on a conveyor belt at Minnesota airport, luckily it ended well but the child was noticed way too late.

An incident in the baggage flow can result in extra costs due to damage and cause a lot of extra work.

Object Monitor is suitable for use at airports and other logistics environments.

More information

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