Smart detect

Intelligent and privacy friendly perception

Intelligent and privacy friendly perception

In the current situation, many (care) institutions apply camera surveillance if this is necessary to protect the mental or physical condition of a client or prisoner. This camera surveillance can cause extra psychological pressure on clients and prisoners. The alternative whereby the employee regularly visually checks and switches on the light at night in the cell is also seen as a violation of the privacy of the detainee. The detainee's right to privacy seems in practice contrary to the obligation of institutions to ensure protection of the mental and physical condition. In practice, the employee in charge of camera surveillance must simultaneously monitor various situations. Moreover, the camera systems used are not intelligent. The technology does not help to actually increase the perception of the employee or to automated signal risky behavior. As a result, the effectiveness of the current working method is entirely dependent on the availability of employees and their ability to observe remotely. In addition to the privacy violation for the client or detainee, the institution also believes that this form of proactive supervision is particularly labor-intensive and not efficient. Scientific research has also shown that the perception of people decreases with long-term camera surveillance.

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Intelligent and privacy friendly supervision

Smart Detect contains monitoring functions in the cell, room or area of client or prisoner and signals early risky behavior. When detecting risky behavior, the system immediately alerts the staff of your organization. The development of Smart Detect fits in with a national development in which more technology is applied in the room to ensure a safer and more humane stay of the person and to enable an efficient deployment of employees.

Intelligente camera’s

Intelligent cameras

Smart Detect uses modern and very robust sensors that meet the requirements for use in an extra secure room. This includes support from IK10 (molest resistance), IP67 (humidity), and anti-grip mounting.

Detection settings

The Smart Detect software application offers a flexible management environment with all functionalities to connect the system to the processes within your organization. This includes the functions for configuring rooms, linking sensors, and managing alarm settings among other things.
Veiligheid innovatie competitie 2017

Safety Innovation Competition 2017

This solution has been developed by BPI in the context of the Safety Innovation Competition. This competition is an initiative of the Ministry of Security and Justice, Ministry of Defense, the National Police and the Royal Military Police. BPI was selected by the jury in 2017 as the winner of the competition and has realized the system in close collaboration with the Custodial Institutions Agency.