Smart Detect

Smart Detect is a privacy-friendly detection system that helps to increase the observation
capacity of supervisory staff.

Privacy friendly surveillance

Intelligent detection system

One in ten detainees/patients attempt suicide while incarcerated or during a stay in a healthcare institution. When such an unexpected event occurs, it is a shock to the next of kin, clients, staff and society. In the current situation, organizations use CCTV to detect risky behavior such as suicide attempts or self-mutilation, yet research shows that traditional CCTV is not effective.

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Improvement of supervision

Smart Detect is a monitoring and alarm system that helps to increase the perceptive capacity of the personnel. Smart Detect contains monitoring functions in the cell, room or space of the client or detainee and identifies risky behavior at an early stage. When identifying risky behavior, the system immediately alerts the personnel of your organization. Smart Detect fits in with a national development in which more technology is being applied in cell or client rooms (for example in care institutions) to ensure a safer and more humane stay for the person and to enable efficient deployment of employees.


Intelligent cameras

Smart Detect uses modern and very robust sensors that meet the requirements for use in an extra-secure room. This includes support for IK10 (vandal resistance), IP67 (moisture) and anti-grip mounting.

Self-learning system

Smart Detect is a self-learning system that uses so-called Deep Learning Artificial Intelligence technology.

  • The system independently learns the normal behavior patterns of the detainee or client in a room in a short period of time;
  • Based on this pattern, deviations and risky behavior are then automatically identified;
  • Smart Detect features a feedback loop.

With the help of this functionality, video images of deviant behavior can be used by the employees to make the system perform even better in the future.


Safety Innovation Competition 2017

This solution was developed by BPI in the context of the Safety Innovation Competition. This competition is an initiative of the Ministry of Security and Justice, Ministry of Defence, the National Police and the Royal Netherlands Marechaussee. BPI was chosen by the jury as the winner of the competition in 2017 and has realized the system in close collaboration with the Custodial Institutions Service.