Smart Touch

The molest-resistant Smart Touch solution is a tested and scientifically based solution in which the client is central with the aim of preventing freedom-restricting measures, such as Dwang & Drang, shortening the committal time and creating a humane environment during seclusion.

Smart Touch

The Smart Touch concept meets the set standards that are included in the 2013 Field Standard Inclusions. The Field Standard for Inclusions has been drawn up by GGZ Nederland, TNO, and experience experts from the field. Practice has shown that isolation is traumatization for a client. To prevent seclusion, the Smart Touch solution is used in Comfort Rooms and low-stimulation rooms to prevent scaling up to seclusion. Nevertheless, it is not always possible to prevent seclusion, because of the safety of the client and the environment. In these situations, the Smart Touch solution is used in spaces such as an Extra Secure Room (EBK) or a High Intensive Care Unit (HIC) to contribute to the shortest possible and humane seclusion.

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Seclusion Rooms

Traditional seclusion rooms are equipped to offer the client as few impulses as possible. Research has shown that if stimulation, distraction or some form of self-management is not possible, this can lead to sensory deprivation. As a result, further disruption is lurking and it is difficult to reconnect with the client and continue the treatment. The transition from the traditional seclusion room to a normal division is also challenging in practice, which means there is a chance of a relapse of serious disruptions.

Our Customers

45 organizations in Europe are now successfully using the Smart Touch solution. The Smart Touch solution is used successfully at mental health care institutions (GGZ), police stations, hospitals and the judicial institutions service of the Ministry of J&V.

Prevention Dwang & Drang

To prevent Dwang & Drang and promote recovery, the Smart Touch solution in line the following essential core values:

  • Restoring autonomy (own control) at a time of serious disruption;
  • Sending impulses per client and per moment to the level of a normal division;
  • Creating a humanitarian environment through both distraction, personal preferences and choices;
  • Offering information provision and timely information takes away the tension from the client;

Offering contact functionality by means of the video-audio connection, also during seclusion or serious disruption.


The solution was developed in collaboration with psychologists and experience experts from the DJI and various GGZ organizations. By setting up long-term partnerships, listening carefully to the needs of our customers and organizing an annual Smart Touch customer day, BPI guarantees constant development and innovation. Points for improvement, new ideas and technological developments are prioritized and processed in a roadmap. Based on this roadmap, BPI offers updates and new functionalities to optimally support its customers. In addition, BPI is NEN 7510, ISO 9001 and ISO 27001 certified to guarantee quality and assure information security to its customers for now and in the future. The BPI employees, who are responsible for the installation, have a Certificate of conduct and are certified to be able to seal fire-bored holes in walls for pipes. This promotes the speed of projects and saves costs on deployment of specialized third parties.


The following basic functionalities are offered:

  • Music, Video & Atmosphere
  • Clock & Date
  • Drawing & writing
  • Games
  • Daily program
  • Regulations
  • Information provision
  • Multilingualism

Extra functionalities:

  • TV
  • Radio
  • Image-speech connection


  • Controlling lights
  • Controlling blinds
  • Climate control
  • Controlling scent
  • Controlling privacy glass
  • Controlling toilet flushing

Management application:

  • Regulation of functionalities
  • Prepare daily program
  • Drawing up rules
  • Add content (Music, films, atmospheric images, photos, etc.)
  • Content calls texts and images from the client
  • Communication with the client
  • Create personalized client profiles

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