The new Entry & Exit System (EES)

To increase security in Europe, the EU will use a new Entry and Exit System called EES at the external borders of the Schengen area. The Schengen area is a collaboration of 26 European member states that have a common border and visa policy.


Entry & Exit System (EES)

EES is an automated IT system that the EU will use for the automatic monitoring of border crossings by third country nationals (not EU / EER / Switzerland). The EES can be used at Schengen border crossing points such as: land, sea- and airports.

How does the new EES operate?

The new EES records information on the entry, exit and refusal of entry of non-EU nationals, both for visa-required and visa-exempt travelers. The system should replace the manual visa checks and perform them fully automated by using biometric identification software. The collected data includes the name and date of birth of the traveler, as well as the dates of entry and exit in / out of the EU. In addition to these alphanumeric data points, the intention is to store biometric data such as photos and fingerprints.

The system makes it easy to identify people who have exceeded the permitted length of stay and can detect identity fraud.

The increasing number of non-EU citizens entering the Schengen area and the increased security problems at the external borders have prompted the development of new rules for the management of the external borders of the Schengen area.

BPI Services B.V. and EES

Over the past 15 years BPI Services B.V. has retrieved extensive knowledge and experiences related to development and implementation of biometric and identity document capture systems in Europe. With more than 60.000 police & border control professionals using our solutions intensively on a daily basis. Based on these experiences, BPI Services B.V. has proven to create innovative solutions that are fully complaint with the international standard for EES.
Our product portfolio consist of the following EES compliant solutions:

  • EES mobile suitcase;
  • iMatch FAP50 for mobile enrollment in combination with smartphones;
  • Software modules for document capturing and Face & Finger enrollment and matching;
  • Registration Live scan kiosk.
EES mobile suitcase, iMatch FAP50, Face & Fingerprint Matching, Registration Live scan kiosk

These solutions can easily be integrated in new and existing infrastructures.

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