Veldzicht in Balkbrug says goodbye to isolation cell

CTP Veldzicht neemt afscheid van isoleercellen

CTP Veldzicht says farewell to isolation cells In February 2018, the Center for Transcultural Psychiatry (CTP) Veldzicht in Balkbrug opened two extra secure rooms (EBK’s). The EBK’s replace the old-fashioned isolation cells that no longer meet the modern treatment methods of patients and offenders with serious psychological complaints.

“The EBK’s came from the idea that we no longer want to lock up patients lonely. That is an inhumane approach that does not contribute to a good treatment process, “says Maaike Philippi, Veldzicht treatment manager.


Touch screen

The new extra secure room is a separate room with a table, chair, mattress, a separate shower, and toilet. The bare room can be “decorated” by the patient himself with the help of a modern molest-resistant touchscreen.

On the screen, the patient can choose different colors and atmospheres, play music, watch TV or play games. He can also look outside, and can even walk outside to enjoy the outdoors. Where the patient in the old isolation cell sometimes sat alone for days, there is an employee present sixteen hours a day in the EBK who can have contact with the patient if desired.


Contact is important

“Patients who are temporarily placed in the EBK are often disoriented and need to come to rest. It is important to stay in contact with them, we want to give them as much control as possible. That is possible in the EBK and that is a major improvement compared to the isolation cell in which the patient can do almost nothing on his own, “says Maaike Philippi.


Limit the exception

With the commissioning of the new EBK’s, Veldzicht is in line with the course started in 2016 by the Healthcare Inspectorate to minimize solitary isolation of patients in need of intensive care.