Vincent van Gogh Mental Healthcare rolls out poli 3.0 concept with a registration pillar from BPI Services B.V.

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Vincent van Gogh, an organization focused on mental health care, has commissioned BPI Services B.V. to deliver a registration pillar including a link to MyQuarant (EPD).

Thanks to the intensive cooperation between the two organizations, this was realized in a short time and the poli 3.0 concept with a registration pillar was taken into use at the Laurentiusplein location in Weert.

This concept is aimed at increasing hospitality and facilitating the registration process for both clients and employees of Vincent van Gogh.

The concept responds to the core values ​​of the organization, giving back more control to the client and by using smart (care) technology making the care and treatment processes more efficient and easier.

Clients can easily register based on an identity document through the registration pillar. The identity document is verified and the Citizen Services number (BSN) is read. With help of the social security number, a Vecozo and SVB-Z check is performed and MijnQuarant (EPD) is queried. The registration application automatically verifies the following:

  • Is the client known in the Electronic Patient Record (EPD)?
  • Is the client insured?
  • Are the client’s details correct (these are displayed)?
  • Is it true that this client today has an appointment within a certain time window?

If all information is correct, a notification is automatically sent to the practitioner that the client is present. The client receives a ticket on which the details of the appointment are printed. If the information is incorrect, the client is referred to the counter.

The desk clerk is automatically notified by e-mail with the error message so that the client can be helped proactively and immediately.


BPI Services:

BPI is a Dutch company that provides smart solutions in health care for many years.

Our goal is to offer the best solution by using innovative technology to support clients and employees during treatments and care processes.

In addition to the touchscreen solution, BPI supplies various apps, portals, camera applications, and hospitable reception with registration pillars to organizations in mental health care, care for the disabled, hospitals, home care, and forensic care.

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