Yulius GGZ uses BPI’s Smart Touch solution in the Extra Secure Room and the 4 Intensive care rooms.

Yulius GGZ

Yulius GGZ recently officially opened a Center for Emergency Child and Adolescent Psychiatry in Barendrecht. With this center, Yulius has concentrated the acute, clinical treatment offer for children and adolescents from the Rijnmond and Zuid-Holland Zuid regions. Young people with acute psychiatric problems can be admitted to Yulius.

As short as possible and intensive

The center offers young people who need support for shorter or longer periods and different types of treatments. As short as possible but as long and intensive as needed. Both at home and on location or if necessary in the form of a clinical admission to the center itself. An attempt is made to support a young person in their own living environment through treatment in the home situation as much as possible. If there is an exacerbation of symptoms or if the behavior of the young person as a result of his or her psychiatric disorder leads to a considerable risk of serious harm to themselves or others, open or closed admission to the center may still be necessary.

Yulius has several care rooms within the closed department, including four Intensive care rooms and an Extra Secure Room (EBK). These five rooms are equipped with the Smart Touch solution from BPI. With this solution it is possible to give back more control. Sending impulses (upscaling / downscaling) to a level of a normal division.

Finally, the Smart Touch solution offers distraction and provides information through, for example, a day program or regulations. The Smart Touch solution thus contributes to reconnecting with the client faster and to continue treatment outside the intensive care rooms, while at the same time contributing to a more humane environment for the patient.

The Smart Touch solution is a proven solution and is used at 45 organizations in the Netherlands and Belgium.

If you want to know more about the project at Yulius, click on the following link for a video clip: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=51mbRz_Rt7Y

If you want to know more about the Smart Touch solution, please contact us through:

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